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How to realize the environmental protection of packaging boxes

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-15

In the past, recycled materials were considered a low-cost alternative to high-grade materials. When businesses cannot afford the price of the box, they use it as a tactic to reduce costs. But today is different, people are now committed to creating an environmentally friendly society, and recycled materials have become the mainstream material for packaging boxes. It is worth noting that the use of environmentally friendly packaging boxes is not only beneficial to the global environment, but also can improve the image of the brand in the minds of customers. In fact, many international brands have begun to seek environmentally friendly materials to customize their luxury packaging boxes. What is an environmentally friendly packaging box? How to realize the environmental protection of the packaging box?

The US Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC) has customized 8 packaging standards for environmentally friendly packaging boxes:

1) It is safe, beneficial and healthy throughout its life cycle.

2) Meet the cost and performance standards set by the market.

3) It is sourced, manufactured, transported and recycled using renewable energy.

4) It is made using renewable or recycled raw materials.

5) Manufactured using cleaner production techniques and best practices.

6) The materials it uses are beneficial throughout their life cycle.

7) Physical design to optimize materials and energy.

8) The packaging box can be effectively recycled and utilized in the cycle.

What is most noteworthy when it comes to sustainable packaging is that the negative impact on the environment is minimized during the production, use, and disposal of the packaging. The easiest way is: 1. Choose 100% recycled and environmentally friendly materials; 2. Minimize the carbon footprint of the production process; 3. Customize reusable packaging and extend its life cycle and availability.

Now more and more consumers are aware of the impact of product packaging on the environment, but they will not choose to stop buying, but will consider the material of the packaging when choosing products. If your packaging material is environmentally friendly and will not cause adverse effects on the environment during production, use or disposal, then potential customers will be more willing to buy your brand.

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