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How to make T-shirt paper bag production standard to medium and high grade

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-21

At present, the production of paper bags is everywhere in the society, and the T-shirt industry has also begun to be strict with its own production standards for t-shirt paper bags. For the production standards of t-shirt paper bags, the packaging specifications, craftsmanship and other aspects of the production standards for the production of t-shirt paper bags The manufacturers also have higher requirements than before. They generally hope that the production standard of t-shirt paper bags can reach the middle and high-end to reflect the characteristics of their brands, and have a unique standard packaging process for the production of t-shirt paper bags, which is very important for paper bag manufacturers. In terms of T-shirt paper bag production standards, there are higher requirements.

The standard specifications for the production of t-shirt paper bags in the industry are generally customized according to the design requirements of customers, so that the independent initiative of customers can be highly dispatched, and customers can also participate in the production and design of t-shirt paper bags; For the choice of paper, manufacturers that are qualified for the production standards of t-shirt paper bags will generally provide 1, single copper paper/double copper paper 2, special paper 3, kraft paper 4, black cardboard these kinds of materials for customers to choose and customize, At present, these four materials are the mainstream tissue paper for the production of T-shirt paper bags; in terms of printing technology, there are also CMYK four-color printing and special color printing with relatively mature standard packaging technology for traditional and exquisite t-shirt paper bag production; in terms of processing technology, there are relatively mature Traditional processes such as lamination, uv oil printing, bronzing, embossing, etc.; its scope of application is not only limited to standard packaging of T-shirt paper bags, but also can be applied to the outer packaging of leather goods, small and medium electronic products, other clothing and other products.

In accordance with the mainstream requirements for the standard packaging process of t-shirt paper bag production in the paper bag manufacturing industry, the material requirements provided by standard manufacturers of t-shirt paper bags, and whether it can meet the aesthetic requirements of customers' t-shirt paper bag production standards , comprehensively to judge whether a manufacturer that meets the standard of t-shirt paper bag production meets the requirements of the industry standard. At present, there will be more and more requirements from customers on the production standards of t-shirt paper bags, and more and more new elements are required for the standard packaging process of t-shirt paper bag production. power.

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