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how to make papyrus with a paper bag

by:Jialan Package     2020-03-10
Papyrus is an early form of paper used in ancient Egypt around 3000 B. C.
The first piece of paper is made of papyrus plants grown exclusively in the Nile and its delta regions.
Egyptians have developed a long and complex process to roll into reels for storage with some common household items and you can make Papyrus
Like paper in paper bags.
This activity is ideal for adults who like art and paper making, or as a classroom activity that teaches children about ancient Egyptian knowledge.
Cover the surface of your work with two layers of newspaper.
This allows easy cleaning and serves as a surface for paper drying.
Put a paper towel on the newspaper.
This is the ground floor of your papyrus.
Pour about 1/2 cups of glue into a bowl.
If you\'re going to make two papyrus, double the amount.
Add 1/2 cups of water to the glue.
Mix until the glue and water become runny.
Tear two paper bags vertically to 1/2-
Inches wide but long.
Dip each paper tape into the glue and water mixture to make sure they are fully soaked by the mixture.
Place half of the note vertically on the paper towel, slightly overlapping both sides.
Place the rest of the notes horizontally on the first layer of paperbag strips.
The edges of these notes should also overlap.
Press and smooth the paper with your hand to remove excess glue or bubbles.
Let the papyrus dry for at least 8 hours.
Once dry, gently peel off from the newspaper.
Wear vinyl or rubber gloves to protect your hands from glue.
Remove the spills from the table immediately to prevent the glue from setting in place.
Papyrus is a good background for children to create hieroglyphics, framed poems, or other art projects.
Cut the paper and make a special gift label.
You can also use it to create an old one.
Find treasure maps for birthday party treasure hunt.
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