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how to make paper boxes

by:Jialan Package     2021-04-14
The box is one of the inconspicuous but important items we need today --to-day lives.
Here\'s how heavy duty is used-
Weight drawings.
It is not feasible to always buy boxes, especially if different sizes of boxes are needed for different purposes.
They can be handmade at home with paper of different colors and patterns to make them look unique.
If you put the gift in this carton, then you can choose this paper according to the age group of the person you give the gift.
For example, if the gift is for the child, use a piece of paper with cartoon pictures on it.
Instructions for making the box the material you need to make the carton is heavy --
Weight drawing paper, scissors, crayons or marker pens, glitter glue, stickers or stamps, paints and brushes.
The first step is to cut the heavy drawings into ten 5/8 squares and a 11 inch square.
Take a small piece of paper and fold it diagonally.
The two sides should be folded into angles and angles.
After that, expand the paper and you will see an \"X\" on the paper \".
All four corners should be folded so that they meet in the center of the paper.
Fold it down and expand it.
Each corner should be folded so that it can reach the crease line farthest from it.
Once done, fold the mark again and expand it.
The next step is to fold each corner to the nearest crease line.
Spread out and fold.
After you have done this, you will observe the pattern of the square.
Make two cuts in one of the corners, the two squares are deep and the two squares are separated.
The same cut should be done in the opposite corner.
The way the paper is placed should make the cut up and down respectively.
Now, the corner on the left should be folded twice along the crease line to make the sides vertical up.
The tips should bend each other so they cross.
Next, place the paper in such a way that the bottom cutting part of the paper should be at the end of the cross.
Now fold it to the end and put it away.
The next step is to make the lid.
The procedure for making the lid is the same as the procedure for making the bottom.
This program must also solve your questions about how to make small boxes with paper.
Small boxes can be used as elements for party and home decoration.
With this program, you can make a box with only one pattern.
However, you can operate this program to make the box with a variety of materials and colors.
With a little craftsmanship, you can make a jewelry box that is parallel to anything you might have seen.
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