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how to make paper bags

by:Jialan Package     2020-03-13
Paper bags are eco-friendly.
Friendly and reusable, looks very cute if we can add.
This CraftCue Post teaches you to make your own paper bag with something fairly easyto-execute steps.
Instead of wrapping your gifts in paper, insert them into a lovely box
Looks like a paper bag
In this way, the recipient does not have to tear off the gift or choose to reuse it.
Paper bags are always linked to everyday shopping tasks.
But they also have a fascinating side, especially when you find distinctive blue paper bags from Tiffany, and even the burning orange paper bags from Hermes.
But let\'s face it. As humans commit multiple crimes against the environment, paper bags are the need of the times.
So we are including a simple tutorial that will help you to make a lovely paper bag in a comfortable home with minimal effort and resources.
Here\'s what you need: make sure what you\'re going to do with this package.
If it is a gift, please include the box or item in the request list.
In this way, you can get the correct estimate of how big the package you want.
Cutting process paper considering your requirements.
It should be rectangular.
Put it in length
It is wise on a flat surface.
Fold the top edges 1 inch.
Fold it into glue.
This will be the bottom of your bag.
Place the box or book in the center of the paper, about an inch above the glued fold.
The right and left sides of the box should have paper of uniform length.
Now, put both sides of the paper together as if to wrap the box inside.
Remember, you\'re making a package, not a box.
Put the right on the left about an inch.
Stick the length of both sides
Wisdom on a straight line.
You have a long box now.
Just like the shape that opens at both ends.
Now you need to seal the bottom to create the base.
Fold the paper to the bottom as if you were packing the box.
Fold the corners, fold them and stick them together.
Scroll down each edge of the box with your fingers to crease the corners of the bag.
Take out the box and let the glue dry completely.
Your bag is ready!
All you need to do is make 2 holes in the opening on both sides.
Make sure you\'re symmetrical when you do it.
Pass the ribbon or Kenma rope through the hole and make the handle so that your bag can be used.
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