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how to make halloween masks out of paper bags

by:Jialan Package     2020-03-12
This project is a great way to make Halloween masks for kids without spending money!
I don\'t know about you, but my kids always take off the mask, so you won\'t lose a lot of money even if that happens!
These creative masks are all made of large paper bags, with side corner support for the bags, whether they are grocery stores, craft stores or dollar stores.
Material: large paper bag with corner support plate: For mask.
Color thin cards or colored building paper that make cat ears or petals.
Black felt pen: used to outline features.
Various decorations: personal masks.
Scissors: Cut your ears and eyes, and any other shape you want.
Pencil: used for marking.
Glue: stick all your features and decorations together.
Basic method: for all masks: When making these masks, first pull the paper bag to the head until it is comfortably placed on the shoulder.
Gently press the bag on the face of your child or who you make a mask.
Gently mark the position of the nose and eyes with a soft pencil.
Remove the bag, cut a small pear-shaped flap for the nose, and cut two small open slits for the eyes.
If you\'re right, the child or spouse should be able to see it from them.
Also open a crack or small opening for the mouth.
Now you can create any mask you want, make your own design and use your black felt pen to create lines and beards.
Design different facial features on colored building paper and apply glue to the mask.
For example, if you decide to make a cat mask, then you will draw, draw cat ears, draw eyes and draw your mouth on different colored paper, cut them down and stick them on your mask.
You can add some interesting fur now, definitely anything you want. Happy Halloween!
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