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how to make a paper bag look like a mountain

by:Jialan Package     2020-03-11
The height and rugged shape of the mountains give inspiration. In dioramas--classic three-
Size structure in the box-
Or set up for model railways or other imaginative activities, building a mountain adds to the realism of the environment.
Paper bags provide a free multi-functional building material for creating the King of the landscape-the mountain.
The Disney Home Entertainment website recommends a technique for stabilizing paper bag trees that you can use to make paper bag mountain a success. (
See ref 1)
Set aside a little time to practice and create a paper bag mountain to help your scene to be vivid.
Cut the bottom plate of the grocery bag.
Cut Paper bags vertically from top to bottom.
Clip the paper bag in your hand and screw it from one end to the other.
This will make the paper soft and allow it to withstand the creases and cliffs of the mountain.
Pour some pebbles or sand into the jar.
Fill it with at least 2 to 3 inch material and give it some weight.
Lift the kettle to make sure you don\'t make it too heavy so you can move your mountain project when you finish it.
Apply a layer of glue large enough on the cardboard for the kettle to use.
Put paper bags around the kettle.
Make a cone shape at the top of the jar and make a point for the top of the mountain.
Fold one cut edge of the paper bag over the other--
Leave a large amount of loose paper around the jar, forming rocks and irregular folds that make the mountains form rugged shapes.
Apply a layer of glue to one side of the paper bag using a foam brush.
Gently press the other side of the paper bag along the glue from top to bottom.
Cut off the extra paper.
Create folds in paper bags and copy the picture of the mountain you imagine or the shape of the mountain.
Shape the mountain the way you want it.
For example, if the mountain is an already erupting volcano, make the top of it flat or jagged, not sharp.
Steep or gentle slopes.
Spread the paper bag to the bottom of the kettle and try to make the mountain have a wide bottom.
Apply the glue to the cardboard at the bottom of the paper bag.
Press the paper bag down and stick it to the cardboard.
Mix 2 tablespoons of glue with 2 tablespoons of water.
Carefully spread the glue mixture on a thin layer with a sponge brush.
This helps to strengthen the surface of the mountain and keep the shape you create.
Complete the shaping when the mountain is wet with glue.
Squeeze and mold paper bags to make it look like you want.
Let the formed paper bag mountain completely dry.
Apply the required colors for the mountain environment, such as white for snow, green for grass, yellow for dry grass, gray for rock, Brown for bare earth.
Let the paint dry for at least half an hour.
It may take longer if the paint is thick or the weather is wet.
Paint the mountain as a picture or mountain in your imagination.
Let the paint dry.
Add white sand to the snow if needed.
Apply the undiluted white glue to the mountain area where you want the snow.
For example, on the top of the mountain, or on the half-mountainside, or on the top of the mountain.
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