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How to judge whether the packaging gift box is environmentally friendly

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-15

In order to increase environmental and ethical awareness, many brands are more inclined to use environmentally friendly boxes to package their products. The use of environmentally friendly packaging boxes is not only responsible for the environment, but also creates an environmentally friendly and responsible image for the brand, which is also one of the best ways to promote the brand to potential users. So, how should we determine whether the product packaging is environmentally friendly? We can judge by the following points.

Is the packaging material recyclable?

Most of the packaging boxes in the market are made of paper and plastic materials. We need to know the composition of the material in the packaging and whether it is recyclable to measure its environmental impact. Paper, glass, and metal are all recyclable, and the components of glass and metal packaging boxes are relatively simple. The plasticity of paper packaging boxes is very strong, and some other decorative materials are usually used, such as: ribbons, handles, etc. If these decorative materials are not recyclable, then it is necessary to ensure that they are easy to remove.

Is the packaging biodegradable?

Biodegradability refers to the dissolution, enzymolysis, and phagocytosis of materials in living organisms, such as bacteria, fungi, etc. Materials like paper and cotton are generally made of materials that can decompose quickly within a few weeks. Ordinary plastics may take hundreds of years to decompose at the longest before they can be decomposed naturally. However, there are many paper boxes where plastic may be necessary, and degradable plastic can be used.

Is the packaging compostable?

Also known as composting. Refers to the biochemical process of using microorganisms that exist widely in nature to promote the conversion of degradable organic matter in solid waste into stable humus in a controlled manner. Composting is similar to biodegradation, but not all biodegradable materials can be used for composting. For example, degradable plastics cannot be used for composting, but only degrade plastics into elements that are not harmful to the environment.

Is the ink environmentally friendly?

Printing plays a very important role in packaging. The pigments or additives added to traditional printing inks contain a large amount of heavy metals such as lead and mercury, and harmful gases such as toluene and xylene will be volatilized during the drying process. Soybean ink is very environmentally friendly. It is mainly made of soybean oil. In addition to being environmentally friendly, its color is also better than ordinary ink.

Whether the packaging box is environmentally friendly should be judged comprehensively. From the above points, we can also judge whether our gift packaging box is environmentally friendly.

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