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How to Improve the Retention Rate of Luxury Packaging Boxes

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-11

Luxury brands start with high-end packaging boxes, and most users will collect the luxury packaging boxes or use them to store other items after receiving the products, which also means that the packaging will be retained by customers for a long time in the future. When customizing luxury packaging boxes, in addition to clearly displaying the brand and strictly controlling the quality of the packaging box, adding eye-catching packaging technology can also add points to the luxury packaging box.


Film lamination is also called lamination. It covers a layer of 0.012-0.020mm thick transparent plastic film on the front surface of the packaging box through a laminating machine, which can effectively improve the service life of the packaging box. The film is also divided into matt film and bright film, which can be selected according to different brand needs. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection among consumers, brands can consider using degradable films when choosing films.

UV printing

UV printing is a printing process that cures ink by drying with ultraviolet light. UV printing can improve the gloss of the substrate surface, visually highlight key information and improve the overall artistic sense of packaging. In terms of performance, the hardness of UV printing is high, even if it is rubbed hard, there will be no obvious scratches. Now the UV printing process is very mature and is favored by luxury brands. In addition, UV ink does not produce volatile harmful components during printing, and it also meets the brand's environmental protection requirements.


Embossing is a very high-end and low-key packaging process. The surface of the embossed box can present patterns or textures in different shades. Compared with other processes, embossing cannot attract customers' attention in the first place. However, the obvious relief effect on the surface can effectively improve the artistic appeal and tactile effect of the packaging box. Once customers pick up the product, it can attract users' attention from all aspects.

Luxury brands sell not only products, but also services and experiences. In addition to the quality of the product, if the luxury packaging box can bring a brand-new experience to customers in terms of vision and touch, it will also trust your brand more. At the same time, it will also increase the retention rate of packaging. When customers retain your brand packaging, they are constantly showing your brand to customers.

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