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How to highlight the advantages of luxury packaging boxes

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-11

When shopping, users make purchasing decisions more emotionally than rationally. This means that there is a heavy reliance on the retail box when the product is sold. If you want to gain an advantage in the competition, your product packaging should also fully demonstrate the product's advantages over similar products. So, how should luxury packaging boxes do this?


Although packaging boxes with overly complex designs can quickly attract users' attention, this type of packaging is not very popular in the luxury market, because complex designs will speed up the obsolescence of products and packaging boxes. On the contrary, classic and simple packaging design will be more durable. For a luxury brand with a profound cultural background, the simple packaging box design can just show the history of the brand.

In addition, the simple packaging design can more clearly convey the brand and product information displayed in the packaging. The elements in the packaging can also be made more prominent after simple processing, making the overall effect of the packaging box more luxurious and eye-catching.

balanced design

When most users buy luxury goods, they will expect the brand to display luxury in every corner of the product. Therefore, when designing the packaging box, the functionality of the packaging box must not be ignored for the sake of aesthetic design. The perfect fit of aesthetics and functionality will further demonstrate the professionalism of the brand.

build an emotional connection

Successful branding allows users to have an emotional connection to the brand, and this connection can drive users' purchasing power. Therefore, whether it is in the product or luxury packaging box, the brand elements should be clearly displayed. Logo, brand color matching, specific fonts, etc. can be regarded as brand elements. If the packaging box is designed properly, the enterprise can become a well-known iconic element of the brand. Just like the Tiffany (Tiffany) robin egg blue box, it is the most typical case.

The packaging box is the image of the brand. Before users understand the product, they will make an instant decision whether to buy based on emotion. Most of the time, this decision is based on the appearance of the luxury packaging box, correct packaging design and professional packaging. The combination of box manufacturers can maximize the performance of the box.

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