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How to ensure the hardness of corrugated cardboard in the process of making gift packaging boxes

by:Jialan Package     2022-02-26

In the packaging industry, corrugated cardboard is often used in the design and use of packaging boxes, and the hardness of corrugated cardboard is also very important, so how to ensure the hardness of corrugated cardboard during the production process of gift packaging boxes? We, Yiwu Jialan Package Co, LTD . Introduction.

This problem is really troublesome and difficult to solve, because the fiber used in the carton base paper is a hydrophilic substance, which is naturally absorbent. In humid weather such as the plum rainy season, when the relative humidity in the air is too high, the carton directly contacts the air, which will absorb the moisture in the air, resulting in the corrugated box produced, and the whole cardboard is also soft. In the face of unavoidable complaint calls, even returns, fines, compensation, etc., solving the softening of cardboard has become the top priority of the carton factory.

Below, the editor provides you with a package of solutions to solve the softening of cartons.

1. Moisture resistance of carton cardboard

Base paper and corrugated paper, especially corrugated paper, have strong water absorption; if the paper is exposed to humid air for a long time, the water price increases, and the transverse ring compressive strength of the paper will decrease significantly, and the relative humidity is 85%. At the same time, the ring compressive strength will drop by 60%.

Solution: It is recommended to use base paper with better waterproof and moisture-proof effect, especially corrugated paper with pits. To test the waterproof effect of the base paper, the surface water absorption of the base paper can be tested by the Kebo instrument. Generally, when the surface water absorption is below 50 g/square meter (60S), the waterproof and moisture-proof effect is better. If you fail to test the instrument, sprinkle a few drops of water directly on the boxboard or corrugated paper, wait for 60 seconds to dry with paper, and observe whether there is discoloration after penetration on the surface of the paper. If not, it proves that the waterproof and moisture-proof effect is good.

Usually, in order to improve the surface water repellency of base paper, paper mills need to increase the proportion of water repellent additives in the surface sizing starch paste in the papermaking process. Because the additives are expensive, the base paper with good water repellency is more waterproof than water repellent. The cost per ton of base paper with poor performance is 50-100 yuan higher, and the lower the gram weight, the higher the cost. Therefore, the carton factory needs to actively communicate with the carton customer and appropriately increase the quotation.

2. Production process of corrugated cardboard

The main method to solve the softening of the carton is to choose the material, and the second depends on the production process. The softening factor of the carton is the absorption of excess water. Therefore, during the production and processing of the carton, the water in the carton should be removed as much as possible.

Solution: The base paper warehouse should be isolated from the outside as much as possible, and the humid air should be absolutely prevented from wandering in the warehouse. When appropriate, install a dehumidifier in the warehouse to ensure that the relative temperature is below 65%. When the base paper is in the warehouse, it will absorb the moisture in the humid air. The preheating angle of the base paper on the drying cylinder should be increased when the machine is installed. If the effect is still not good, the speed of the vehicle can be slowed down and the steam pressure can be increased. When making paste, increase the content of powder and reduce the amount of glue, which can reduce the water content of the carton. In addition, increasing the proportion of borax will also improve the feel of corrugated cardboard.

Reduce the amount of cardboard stacking over the paper flyover, slow down the speed of the vehicle, especially dehumidify the corrugated cardboard after stacking.

3. Storage environment

After the cardboard is offline, the steam that has not been dissipated should be removed to avoid the formation of condensation due to temperature difference. The environment for storing cardboard or cartons should be ventilated and ventilated. Cardboard cartons should not be placed directly on the ground. tray, splint) to support. During storage, pay attention to the gap between them to facilitate ventilation and heat dissipation.

Solution: It is recommended to use a wooden backing board, which can absorb the moisture of the ground part, and the size is suitable for the cardboard box; keep the storage environment ventilated and ventilated, and use the wrapping film for outer protection, which can effectively reduce and isolate the weather-induced softening phenomenon . Now many manufacturers have begun to use dehumidifiers. If the relative temperature of the warehouse can be ensured below 65%, the hardness of the cardboard will be significantly improved.

4. Transportation Environment

In the process of product delivery, some use open-top trucks for transportation, and some use vans. Usually the latter can protect the drying of the cardboard more than the former, avoiding and reducing softening. Solution: It is recommended to use a van for transportation, which is also commonly used by major supply companies at present.

5. Carton processing technology

The corrugated cardboard should enter the next process as soon as possible after the corrugated cardboard goes off the cardboard assembly line. The longer the cycle, the easier the cardboard will absorb the moisture in the air and soften.

In addition, when printing, especially multi-color printing or large solid printing, it is easy to cause the carton to be soft due to the pressure of the printing plate.

Solution: Try to shorten the residence time of the carton in the production and processing process, and avoid being exposed to the humid air for too long and softening. The workshop should also be moderately isolated from the outdoors to avoid direct blowing of water vapor into the workshop. Try to ensure the hardness of the corrugated board before printing, and avoid excessive pressure during printing. The die-cutting process should try to avoid using the circular die-cutting process that does great harm to the flat pressing of the cardboard.

In a word, the problem of softening the carton comes down to the problem of moisture. Only by doing everything possible to prevent the carton from absorbing water during base paper storage, corrugated cardboard processing, carton processing, storage and transportation, we can be hard.

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