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How to determine whether the packaging box manufacturer meets the brand standard

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-14

In the field of retail marketing, the visual effect of goods is very important. If a product looks ordinary, a large percentage of customers won't even pick it up from the shelf. In fact, according to research, 56% of users said they would not buy a product if the brand logo or product information in the box was not clear, and 33% even said that if they did not like the packaging design of the product, they would not buy it either. would reject the product. Although the visual effect of the packaging box is very important, before customizing the packaging box, we need to determine whether the packaging partner can meet the brand's standards to prevent packaging errors. The following three red flags will help you determine whether you need to find a new packaging box manufacturer for cooperation.

Packaging box production quality is not stable

The quality of the packaging box is very important to enhance the brand image and increase product sales. Customers can perceive the value of the product through the packaging box. On the one hand, poor quality packaging boxes may reduce the perceived value of the product. On the other hand, they may not be able to protect the safety of the product, thereby reducing the image of the brand in the minds of users. Even if it is not as serious as imagined, but the quality of the packaging is not uniform after production, it may be considered a pirated product by users.

Bad Decisions in Packaging Design

Packaging design is more than just bright colors and eye-catching graphics. When providing solutions for brands, all aspects of packaging design should be considered. Although the packaging box supplier is not a designer, for an experienced packaging factory, there will be a preliminary judgment on the color matching, the advantages and disadvantages of the structural design, and the feasibility of the design artwork. The deficiencies in the packaging design should be communicated with the brand in a timely manner to avoid unnecessary losses.

lack of communication

The production of packaging boxes is not just as simple as handing over the design drawings to the factory and then producing them in the factory. Lack of communication can cause all kinds of problems when it comes to customizing boxes. When the brand chooses to choose the material and process of the packaging box, no one knows the characteristics and prices of different materials and processes better than the factory. Effective communication can guide the brand to choose the packaging material and process suitable for the product. Secondly, in the packaging sample making process, effective communication can point out and improve the deficiencies in the packaging samples.

The packaging box is a very important part of the product. It determines whether potential customers will buy your brand and their perception of your brand. Therefore, when choosing a packaging box manufacturer, it should be determined whether it meets the brand's standards.

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