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How to design the packaging box to achieve the effect of visual communication

by:Jialan Package     2022-02-17

When people choose products, fake packages are often their first impression. The packaging box has the function of visual communication, which can guide people to accurately identify the goods and purchase the goods, so as to realize the convenience brought by the packaging box. As long as the visual transmission function of the packaging box is accurately used to plan our own packaging box, To enhance the customer's desire to buy. The gift box factory tells you how to design the packaging box to achieve the effect of visual communication.

Packaging Box Design

1. The occurrence of visual touch

Any material in the world is composed of different materials, and different material profiles will produce different tactile sensations and textures. Texture can be roughly divided into two types: visual and tactile. Visual type is what we call visual touch. Visual touch and real touch are always opposite and identical. Visual touch is the reaction of real touch that gives people a kind of experience. It is an image. Under such premise, visual touch becomes a mark. The mark is generated through the previous experience, and then compiled and transformed into a visual message, which in turn has a decisive guiding effect on the subsequent touch.

Second, the visual and tactile situation in the box plan

The first visual and tactile form is formed by the texture of the packaging box material itself, it can feel soft, firm, smooth, rough, etc., through the packaging box material surface The visual and tactile sense of material texture, creating a sense of intimacy and attraction between consumers and consumers, has been widely adopted in many projects at present; the second is a further innovation on the basis of the first one. Not only consider the choice of the material of the packaging box, but also imitate the product material texture factors of the packaging box on the outer packaging box of the product, so that consumers can get the recognition and identification of the packaging box products at the first time, This kind of recognition is achieved through the visual touch of the packaging box.

Three, the means to complete the visual and tactile introduction of the packaging box plan

(1) In the design of the product packaging box, apply the real material and texture to the packaging box material, such as tea packaging boxes, directly use bamboo wood or pottery to design the tea packaging boxes. This kind of method is also the most widely used method at present, and it is also a more traditional method.

(2) Adopt the method of imitation, and use other conventional packaging materials, such as paper, plastic, glass, etc., to imitate the characteristics of the product or a certain necessary material texture to achieve visual and real tactile results. Process such a plan to create a useful visual communication of product information to consumers.

(3) By imitating a certain texture visual effect through the three-dimensional printing technology, the visual and tactile point of view can also be introduced into the packaging box design. Consumers can obtain the basic cognitive feeling of the product through the visual transmission of the packaging box in the last long-term view, so as to determine the purchase needs of this product. For example, the carton box of a box of candies is generally printed with the texture effect of the cloth pattern, and the visual and tactile effect it conveys is relatively mild and warm, reaching the expected effect that the packaging box needs to be friendly. But it is different from the latter two methods. It only has visual touch, while the latter two not only have visual touch but also real touch.

4. Summary

The important role of the visual conveying function of the packaging box in the packaging box requires a more in-depth study on the form of conveying. At the same time, I also understand the breadth and tension of visual and tactile tools for people to determine an object, and it is the way to understand the subjective existence between people and things. Its breadth includes the consumer's understanding of the product packaging box, so the visual and tactile point of view can be introduced in the visual conveyance of the packaging box to provide guiding significance for the packaging box design.

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