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How to design the Mid-autumn moon cake kraft paper bag to be popular

by:Jialan Package     2021-04-11

Mooncake kraft paper bags are the main outer kraft paper bags for mooncakes during the Mid-Autumn Festival. It is an important method to promote the sales of mooncakes, and it is also a problem that mooncake merchants are extremely concerned about. The quality of mooncakes and the kraft paper bags of mooncakes are topics of common concern for consumers and businesses during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Many businesses started looking for high-quality suppliers before the Mid-Autumn Festival and worked hard on the mooncake kraft paper bags. For example, Haagen-Dazs, whether it is the quality of mooncakes or the kraft paper bags of mooncakes, is impeccable, so it can get a steady stream of praise.

Mooncake kraft paper bag is a kind of exquisite work of art, the material is environmentally friendly, and the design is exquisite. Therefore, the price of making the ordinary kraft paper bag is relatively high. The high-end moon cake gift box also makes the moon cake popular.

However, there are many merchants selling high-end moon cakes. How to design them to make their own gift boxes unique and attract consumers' attention at once. This involves a lot of design points.

The first thing we should pay attention to is the problem of color matching. Because the high-end moon cakes are targeted at large-scale enterprises and star-rated hotels. Therefore, in the color matching, we must choose a higher-level color matching. Generally black and gray are generally not used. The atmospheric colors of red and gold often appear on the mooncake kraft paper bags, and they are also a bright color in the mooncake kraft paper bags.

After talking about color matching, the second thing we should pay attention to is the material of the kraft paper bag. As the high-end mooncake kraft paper bags are more advanced for groups, the material should not be vague. Commonly used carton kraft paper bags are generally not used on this level of gift boxes, of course, they can be used as independent kraft paper bags inside. For outer kraft paper bags, we generally use gift boxes with silk or flexible fabrics to make kraft paper bags. The inner lining generally uses golden cardboard to enhance the sense of luxury, which will look very high-end.

In addition to materials and colors, high-end mooncake kraft paper bags also need pattern design and appearance decoration. In the design of the pattern, we generally do not adopt the design of pure text, which will make the advertisement too obvious. On the contrary, we generally use some beautiful hollow patterns or laces. If the budget is high, we can also use other materials to decorate the gift box.

The above are some personal opinions on how to design high-end mooncake kraft paper bags. Of course, the current trend is changing rapidly, and the current aesthetic standards may not be suitable for the future, but the design standards for high-end kraft paper bags will not change much. Because the customer groups of customized high-end gift boxes are generally high-level people in society, they have high quality and aesthetic requirements for kraft paper bags.

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