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How to design the LOGO during paper bag making

by:Jialan Package     2021-03-29

Nowadays, the production of paper bags that can be seen everywhere has become a relatively affordable advertising investment. Printing the company's name and LOGO in the production of paper bags can not only establish a good company image, but also convey rich product information. LOGO design should have the following characteristics when making paper bags:

1. Recognition

Recognition is one of the important functions of a corporate logo. Only a logo with distinctive features, easy to recognize and remember, deep meaning, and beautifully shaped can stand out in the industry and make the audience impress the company deeply, thereby enhancing the logo The importance of design.

2. Leadership

LOGO is the core of corporate visual communication elements, as well as the leading force in corporate information dissemination. In the visual identification system, the shape, color and application method of LOGO directly determine the form of other identification elements, and it is an authoritative leader effect.

3. Identity

LOGO represents the company’s business philosophy, cultural characteristics, and value orientation, reflecting the company’s industrial characteristics and business ideas, and is a concrete symbol of the corporate spirit. The public’s recognition of the company’s LOGO is equivalent to the recognition of the company

4. Coverage

With the continuous dissemination of corporate operations and corporate information, the connotation represented by LOGO is becoming more and more abundant. Corporate business activities, advertising, cultural construction, and public welfare activities will be accepted by the public and portrayed in the mind through the memory of the logo After years of accumulation, when the public sees the LOGO again, they will think of the products they have bought and the services they have received, thus connecting the company with the public and becoming a bridge between the company and the audience.

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