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How to design paper bag fonts?

by:Jialan Package     2021-03-21

In the design of paper bag production, fonts are an indispensable and important part of the picture composition. It is not only a means of information transmission, but also an important factor in visual appeal. How to create a font design and give play to its unique charm is an important link that cannot be ignored in the design process. But how to create the best and most suitable font of your own? Let's start with making Chinese text content from paper bags.

The text content of paper bag production mainly has the following aspects:

NO.1: Basic text

The basic font includes paper bag making brand, product name and name of the manufacturer. It is usually arranged on the main display surface of the paper bag production, and the name of the manufacturer can also be arranged on the side or the back. The brand name body is generally standardized, which helps to establish the product image. The name text can be decorated and changed.

Basic text for making paper bags

NO.2: Data text

The data text of the paper bag production includes product composition, capacity, model, specification, etc. The arrangement part is mostly on the side and back of the paper bag, and it can also be arranged on the front. The design should use printed fonts.

Explain text: Explain the use, usage, maintenance, precautions, etc. of the product. The editor reminds that the text content of the paper bag production design should be concise and the font should be printed. It is generally not arranged on the front of the paper bag.

NO.3 ad text:

This is a promotional text with the characteristics of the promotional content. The content should be honest, concise, vivid, avoid deceit and instigation, and its layout is variable. However, ad text is not necessary.

NO.4 Paper bag making font design

Chinese calligraphy fonts have very good expressive power, reflect different personality characteristics, and are a vivid language in the design of paper bags.

The printed font is clear and easy to distinguish, and it is more commonly used in paper bag making. The printed Chinese characters are mainly used in the production of paper bags: Old Song, Hei, Variety and Yuanhei. Different printed materials have different styles, which have a good effect on the performance of different commodity characteristics.

So what aspects should be paid attention to when choosing fonts in paper bag making design?

The style of the font should reflect the attributes of the base content.

The font application has good recognition and readability, especially the use of calligraphy. In order to avoid the incomprehensibility of ordinary consumers, adjustments and improvements should be made to make it acceptable to the public without losing its artistic flavor. When making a font design for paper bags, please note that the font style of the same name and the same content should be consistent.

In addition to the Chinese characters in the design of paper bags, the design of paper bags for export goods, or the design of paper bags for domestic and foreign sales, must involve the use of foreign characters. Among them, text drawing is most involved in paper bag making. The characteristic of this type of writing is to form words with letters, and the twenty-six letters are divided into upper and lower case.

Text design plays a finishing touch in the design of paper bag production. To do a good job of paper bag production design, text design must be done first. Exquisite text can attract more people to stop. The value of the entire paper bag design is also in the text. Showed vividly and vividly.

The font is an indispensable and important part of a complete paper bag making design, and it is also the most important element of the paper bag making design.

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