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How to design cosmetic kraft paper bags to be more delicate and beautiful

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-02

There are many kinds of cosmetics, which have become a necessity in our life, especially for today's women, who have a soft spot for cosmetics, a good cosmetic must be inseparable from a high-quality and exquisite The color of the cosmetic kraft paper bag is the most prominent part of the product, and it is also the easiest to attract attention. The color selection of a product packaging is very important, especially in the cosmetic box, so about the cosmetic box How do we go about color matching and how do we design?

In the process of designing cosmetic kraft paper bags, the treatment of color design is very critical, that is, the weight and contrast of colors, and the flexible use of various colors. These are also based on the theme of kraft paper bags. Depending on the color, shape, etc. of the product, the color matching that can be used in a certain theme environment is not the same. For example, dark tones can be matched with light tones, or the colors can be concentrated to At a certain point, generally speaking, there is a great relationship between the warmth and the coordination of colors, such as the contrast between light yellow and dark yellow, which is the coordination of colors, while black and white, yellow and purple are contrasting colors, highlighting the cold and warm. nature.

In the design of cosmetic kraft paper bags, it should be noted that the size of the color used in each pattern is also a very critical factor, so that the amount of color used will also form a certain contrast, we can see that on many kraft paper bags , there will be an obvious cosmetic logo in the center of the box, which reflects the contrast of the size of the color blocks. This design method is also used by many products. In general, color is only a manifestation of packaging art. Form, and sometimes we must grasp the use of packaging colors, in order to be able to design a beautiful and beautiful gift box.

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