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How to design a kraft paper bag packaging manufacturer to be a good packaging

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-13

The design of kraft paper bag packaging manufacturers should start with the components such as trademarks, patterns, colors, shapes, materials, etc. On the basis of considering the characteristics of the products, follow some basic principles of brand design, such as: protecting the products, beautifying the products, convenient to use, etc. , so that the various design elements are coordinated and matched to complement each other, so as to obtain the packaging design scheme. From the point of view of marketing, the brand packaging pattern and color design are important factors to highlight the personality of the product, and the personalized brand image is an effective means of promotion.

The visual impression produced by a good package can always arouse the good impression of customers, and at the same time, it can deepen the brand image of the product in people's purchase and use again and again. Therefore, for enterprises, focusing on the packaging design of commodities is an investment in a good image of commodities.

A good brand visual image is shaped by distinctive trademarks, trade names and advertising slogans in the advertising design. Keeping the visual unity of these elements on the packaging helps to establish the company image and shape the unique personality of the brand. The graphics and product images selected for the packaging should pay special attention to adapting to the content and form of the brand appeal. Designers can design graphics according to product positioning to express the theme, and fully express the content and nature of the product in design. For example, the appearance of the product can be directly photographed as the main image on the package. In order to achieve the sameness of the package and the product, it will create a consistent impression inside and outside.

In the competition of similar products, the customized appearance and packaging of the product box play a great role. Whether the packaging can arouse customers' desire to buy is the criterion for judging its pros and cons. The elements that attract the direct attention of consumers are, firstly, that the color should have a distinct look and feel, secondly, the product name, trademark and graphics, and thirdly, the styling features of the packaging. Taking food packaging as an example, secondary colors such as orange and green have a good visual impression and can arouse the desire of consumers. The specific and objective pictures can directly reveal the inherent characteristics of the food on the packaging, increasing the perceptual effect of the product. If we can also innovate in packaging structure, materials, etc., it will definitely make packaging advertising more effective. Modern promotional activities often use gifts to attract and reward consumers, and attaching wrong products and new product samples inside and outside the package is also an effective means of stimulating and motivating consumers.

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