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How to Customize Retail Boxes

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-11

Retail packaging is an important factor in the success of a business. It can determine whether a customer buys your product, and their sensory value to your product. There are many things to consider when designing a retail box, such as: a design that resonates with customers, color schemes, typography, design elements, and more. These should be considered before customizing the box.

What is a retail box? A retail box is a box in which a product is packaged and offered for sale, and it is specially designed for sale in a retail store. Therefore, the elements that need to be added in the packaging should also give priority to whether they can promote product sales.

Retail packaging is generally divided into three types, namely outer packaging, gift box, and inner packaging.

Outer packaging: The outer packaging can not only effectively attract the attention of potential customers, but also effectively prevent extrusion and drop. In addition, it is also a marketing tool for products and brands, and the information displayed in the packaging can market your own brand to customers from the side.

Gift box: A gift box can combine a variety of products in one package, which can be used not only as a promotional packaging box, but also to display the particularity of various festivals and anniversaries. In addition, the gift box has the same performance as the product packaging.

Inner packaging: Inner packaging generally refers to the packaging between the product and the outer packaging, which can directly contact the product. The general cosmetics industry uses relatively more, such as: perfume bottles, cream bottles and so on. Of course, some products do not need to use inner packaging, such as: clothing.

What do you need to know about your product when customizing retail boxes? In what form should the product be sold? For some products such as liquids and food, they must be packed in inner packaging containers. For some products that need to be protected from light, it is also possible to achieve the purpose of avoiding light by customizing dark containers. Secondly, for some promotional products or holiday packaging, in addition to customizing the outer packaging of the product, it is also necessary to customize the packaging gift box for it on demand.

Retail packaging is a key factor in increasing product sales. Before customizing the packaging box, we need to understand the different types of retail packaging and the needs of the product, so as to customize the most suitable retail packaging box for the brand.

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