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How to customize packaging carton

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-15

Brands that sell physical products need packaging cartons, whether it is clothing, jewelry, mobile phones or refrigerators, packaging is an unavoidable business expense. It is understood that almost most brands do not synchronize customized packaging boxes when developing products.

For some electronic products, such as mobile phones, computers, TVs and other products, customers will have a preliminary understanding of their basic performance before purchasing. The main function of the packaging box is that it needs to provide sufficient protection for the product. For some fashion cosmetics and daily necessities, customers usually make purchase decisions influenced by the appearance of the packaging when choosing.

The packaging on the market is generally divided into two types, one is to buy off-the-shelf packaging, the size, material, and process of the off-the-shelf packaging are less optional, and the product needs to be adapted to the packaging, and the off-the-shelf packaging is generally used for comparison of low-value products and promotional products many. The other is custom packaging, which is suitable for almost all products. The color, material and size of the packaging box can be customized according to the requirements of the brand. Compared with off-the-shelf packaging, customized packaging has better security and more options. If you need a small amount of customization, then the packaging spot price is more affordable than custom packaging. But now most brands will choose custom packaging boxes to package their products.

Choosing a custom packaging box manufacturer to make a packaging box can be controlled in terms of cost, safety, performance and environmental protection. Able to provide brands with a variety of packaging solutions. Packaged goods may be sold in large quantities or due to inventory clearance, and the price may be relatively low. However, customized packaging boxes can save costs from later transportation costs, product loss, and other places. For example, customized packaging boxes can be produced according to the size of the product. On the one hand, it can save packaging materials, and on the other hand, it can enable the product to be transported in the smallest space, so that the transportation cost can be effectively controlled. On the other hand, an appropriate packaging size can see that the product is wrapped more tightly, which can effectively reduce product loss.

Although the packaging box is not as important as the product, the packaging box can add icing on the cake to the product. Considering the customization details of the packaging box at the same time as the product is developed can better protect the product and win the attention of potential customers.

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