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How to customize high-end packaging boxes at a reasonable cost

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-15

When it comes to luxury goods, first impressions count and you only get one chance. Therefore, your luxury packaging must get to the point. Although high-end packaging boxes must enhance your brand, the customized price of high-end packaging boxes must also be within the acceptable range of the brand. Here are a few tips that will allow you to customize high-quality packaging at a reasonable price.

1. Set a budget

Before looking for a professional packaging box manufacturer, we can first package and set a budget. Knowing exactly how much you're willing to spend on a custom box can save you energy and time by avoiding many customizations that don't fit your needs or budget. Secondly, only when a packaging box supplier understands your budget, can they recommend suitable packaging materials and processes for you.

2. Looking for professional packaging suppliers

Not all factories that produce packaging are created equal. There are many types of packaging, some companies are good at paper packaging, some are good at plastic packaging, some are good at flexible packaging and so on. You need to choose a factory that is good at producing your packaging for customization, which can not only provide you with the most suitable packaging solution, but also reduce the error rate when customizing the packaging box.

3. Proofing

Before signing the contract with the packaging box manufacturer, proofing is required, not a physical model. At the same time, it should be specified in the contract that the large package should be consistent with the sample. This can better control the final quality of the packaging box.

4. Mass customization

For many small orders, many brands will choose to use digital printing. Because digital printing is very friendly to small batch orders, and it can print from one sheet without plate making. But the effect of digital printing is far from the effect of ordinary commercial printing. However, if you choose ordinary commercial printing for small batch orders, the cost is relatively high. Therefore, mass customization is one of the best ways to control costs and meet packaging expectations.

Customizing high-end packaging boxes has never been an easy task. Following the above tips can help you get the best control between quality and cost when customizing packaging boxes.

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