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How to create a good brand service through jewelry packaging boxes

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-14

Brand is the style and culture that your business represents. Building a brand from scratch requires consideration of many details, including your culture, design theme, product or service. For a start-up brand, it is very important to leave a good impression on customers. Brands can strengthen product advertising and marketing through customized box' target='_blank'>packaging boxes.

Why is brand custom packaging so important? According to a packaging study, 81% of consumers have tried something new because the packaging caught their eye. 63% of people will buy a product again because of the exquisite packaging appearance, and 52% of people will change brands because of the new packaging. This study clearly shows that branded boxes are an important way to market products and acquire new customers.

Jewelry packaging boxes are very important for both products and brands. Just imagine, if you buy a pair of jewelry at a high price, what form do you want it to appear in front of your eyes? In any case, most customers want the packaging box to match the product. If the jewelry packaging box is too cheap, it will reduce the perceived value of the product. This is not to say that every business needs custom very high-end packaging, but every business needs branded packaging that fits its aesthetic and showcases the value of its products.

Creating a visual brand starts with an iconic design, which can be an iconic color scheme or image that represents your brand, and ensures that these iconic elements can be easily applied to the brand's packaging box, store design, and web design. If you need to update the original iconic design, you can also design the same theme based on the original design, so that loyal customers can easily identify your brand.

When customizing jewelry packaging boxes, you can incorporate the brand's iconic elements into it, and in addition, it can also be used as a key display. The most common way is to highlight key information through UV printing, bronzing, embossing and other processes.

The brand service provided by the jewelry packaging box is not only in its Logo and design, the packaging box occupies a very important position in the entire purchase process of customers. The customer's buying experience begins with knowing your product for the first time, and being loyal to the brand service that the brand provides to customers.

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