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How to control the cost of high-end packaging boxes

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-15

Packaging boxes are usually not the first consideration for brands, but high-end packaging boxes are very important to brands and products. The material, size, and weight of the packaging box determine how much the brand needs to pay for the packaging box. For many brands, inefficient packaging can lead to a lot of unnecessary waste and loss for the brand. Below, an in-depth look at how to reduce unnecessary packaging costs for your brand.

In addition to the different choices of materials and processes, there are also some indirect factors that can affect the cost of high-end packaging boxes. Let's take a brief look at the following points:


Weight can affect the purchase cost and transportation cost of materials. When selecting packaging box materials, the cost of high-weight paper is higher than that of low-weight paper. The protection will be much higher. Second, the heavier the box, the higher its shipping costs. But it should be noted that we can't just consider the cost of the box and ignore its basic protection performance.


The size of the packaging box will affect the material cost and transportation cost of the packaging box. The larger the size of the high-end packaging box, the more materials it uses. At the same time, the larger the size of the packaging box, the more space it requires for transportation. This will increase the transportation cost. The smaller the size while ensuring the safety of the box, the more cost-effective the box can be. When the size of the box cannot be reduced, the use of a folding box can also effectively save transportation costs.


Nowadays, there are more and more creative packaging boxes, and the structure of the packaging box is not just an ordinary square. For special-shaped packaging boxes, first of all, the loss is more than that of ordinary square boxes. Secondly, special-shaped packaging boxes will cause waste of space during transportation or storage, which will increase the overall transportation cost and storage cost.

Whether it is to control the weight and shape of the packaging box or start from its structure, we need to know clearly that this is only to better save the cost of high-end packaging boxes, and we must not waste other costs because of saving the cost of packaging gift boxes.

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