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How to choose the right red wine gift box

by:Jialan Package     2022-01-14

The festival customs in our circle are still relatively heavy, giving gifts has become a common thing, and social events are generally mostly red wine. Many wine importers are also looking for suitable packaging boxes for their wines, but it is more reflected in the style. In terms of price, after all, imported red wine is relatively high-end and high-grade, and it also needs to be matched with a high-end wine box. Yiwu Jialan Package Co, LTD.() will introduce you how to choose a suitable red wine gift box for gifts during the New Year and festivals. .

1: The material of the box

1. The red wine leather box is more liked by the dealers of the middle red wine now, mainly because of the appearance. There are hundreds of thousands of choices in the design style. The LOGO process mainly includes bronzing, embossing, signage, and leather carving. Wait.

2. The more common materials in the wine box market are pine and paulownia. The characteristics of pine: the tranquil and soft pine is bright and warm, the wood grain spacing is fine, and the curves are scattered. The shape is simple and generous, and the lines are full and smooth. The characteristics of paulownia: light texture, thick wood grain, not easy to deform. The price is relatively cheap compared to pine.

3. In terms of the function and characteristics of the product, the red wine carton should give full play to the forming characteristics of the polyhedron, and skillfully use the body language to express the characteristics of the product and the beauty of the packaging. In fact, the structure of the red wine carton is not only a three-dimensional rendering of a box, it also involves the technological process of the production process, including the plane structure of the red wine carton, the production of the knife mold, the pasting of the box, etc. These links should be Thoughtful in the design. This requires the designer to have a considerable understanding of the structural process of the carton so that the design can be put into production.

Two: LOGO pattern production There are generally three types of printing: 4-color printing, hot stamping, embossing, silk screen printing, hot stamping, engraving, etc.

》》》Several materials commonly used in packaging boxes and their special introduction

The above is the introduction of the editor. During the festivals, friends and relatives can use some gift box sets, such as some double-packed red wine gift boxes, gift box sets, etc. It is still a good choice. Here are a few recommended ones. , I hope to get into everyone's eyes.

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