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How to choose the materials in the custom process of kraft paper bags!

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-07

There are different packaging requirements in the process of customizing kraft paper bags, and there are certain differences in the choice of packaging materials. For current packaging, in addition to the appearance of the product, the most important thing is to protect the inside. commodity!

There are several common packaging materials: (1). White paper: ordinary white paper, copy paper, crepe paper; (2), carton: white box, color box, etc.! The beautiful appearance of the current kraft paper bags is also a problem that manufacturers must consider, and also need to consider factors such as the cost and economy of packaging materials, so we should pay more attention to these problems when choosing packaging materials!

Kraft paper bag customization manufacturers believe that when customizing kraft paper bags, we must also consider its transportability and adaptability, and in the selection of packaging materials, we must choose the packaging that suits our products!

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