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How to choose the material for the production of gift paper bags?

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-14

China, as a country of etiquette, has been giving gifts in interpersonal communication since ancient times. Although it is a gift that is light and affectionate, people still have certain requirements for making gift paper bags. After all, gifts should not be too shabby. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people pay more attention to the packaging of gifts, so more exquisite gift paper bags have flooded into the market, and the scope of use of gift packaging has also been expanded for holiday gifts, door-to-door visits, company Welfare distribution, etc., gift box products are mostly collections, boutiques, collections, etc. Regardless of the application, the material of gift packaging design cannot be ignored. The following packaging editor will unlock the material selection of gift paper bags for you!

Why does the editor want to talk about the selection of materials, because the selection of materials is one of the important elements that reflects the grade of gift boxes. The commonly used gift box materials in our life are mainly paper paper bags, wooden paper bags, leather paper bags, plastic paper bags and metal paper bags, all of which are suitable for business gift paper bags and personal gift paper bags. Below we analyze the packaging materials of paper, wood and leather for gift boxes.

1 Paper packaging material made of gift paper bags

If you want to reflect the high-grade and precious gifts, it is best to choose thick material and high-strength cartons. Materials generally fall into two broad categories: corrugated and compressed cardboard. Because gift packaging needs to be printed more beautifully, it is recommended to use ultra-thin corrugated cardboard packaging with E-corrugation or above, and the thickness should be controlled at 1mm-2mm. And it is suitable for fine printing. In addition, there are also micro-corrugated cardboard such as FGH.

2 wooden packaging materials made of gift paper bags

Wood for high-end gifts feels soft and classy. You can consider using solid wood, which is environmentally friendly and beautiful, and can also highlight the grade. Such as the common wooden jewelry box. Wooden jewelry boxes are relatively simple and elegant, suitable for women with elegant temperament. Generally divided into mahogany jewelry box, pine jewelry box, oak jewelry box, mahogany jewelry box, the most characteristic is the catalpa wood products. Catalpa is walnut. Because of its slow growth, it has fine patterns and strong texture. A representative foreign-European-style pine wood jewelry box such as ethnic craftsmanship. There are also high-gloss lacquer jewelry boxes, hardware jewelry boxes, paper jewelry boxes, etc.

3 leather packaging materials made of gift paper bags

Take the jewelry box as an example, the gift box leather jewelry box is generally combined with fashionable design elements, which is full of a strong modern flavor in the taste of the times. Generally divided into crocodile leather jewelry box, plain leather jewelry box, pearl leather jewelry box. Gift boxes such as LaVey's large S crocodile pattern leather jewelry box, Pandora plain leather jewelry box and double ear pearl jewelry box are more representative.

According to the material analysis of paper, wood and leather gift boxes by the editor above, when choosing gift boxes, you can choose the most suitable gift box according to the above detailed questions and the object of gift box selection. You can also find custom packaging~

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