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How to choose the lining of the gift box

by:Jialan Package     2022-02-18

In the customization of packaging boxes, the customization of gift boxes is a very important and the most widely used one. When customizing gift boxes, our first consideration must be the material selection of the box and the determination of the style, but rarely the lining of the box. For the packaging box, how to choose a suitable lining is actually a very important link, and its choice will directly affect the grade of the entire packaging box. It is normal for customers to not understand the materials and uses of these linings. However, as a professional packaging customization company, we need to be familiar with the pros and cons of various linings and recommend them to customers when appropriate. . Next, we will give a general introduction to the common gift box liners: Cardboard or corrugated paper liners: Most of our common packaging boxes are made of paper, and the use of paper liners can achieve style Unite. Cardboard and corrugated paper have low cost, environmentally friendly materials and convenient processing, and are very popular with merchants. At the same time, the paper lining is easy to shape and has good cushioning performance, which can protect and support the entire item during transportation. Paper linings are often used in electronic product packaging, red wine packaging, etc. EVA lining: EVA is a polyethylene foam product with good elasticity, flexibility, punching resistance and sealing. The EVA inner lining is smooth in appearance, uniform and fine in cells, soft and thick in hand, and has good cushioning and shockproof performance. The EVA lining can be designed with grooves or flocked on the surface. The groove design can play the role of fixing and displaying goods, and the flocking design can make the surface of the lining more soft and shiny. EVA lining is often used in the packaging of valuable and fragile products. Sponge lining: The sponge lining is suitable for the packaging of high-end products and can play the role of buffering and shock absorption. At the same time, the sponge lining is divided into environmental protection sponge lining, anti-static sponge lining and fire-proof sponge lining. Among them, the anti-static sponge lining can protect electronic products and chips from static electricity damage. The cost of sponge is low and processing is convenient, and it is also one of the lining materials that is very popular among merchants. Plastic lining: I believe everyone is familiar with plastic linings. Plastic linings are often used in food packaging, such as moon cake gift packaging. Plastic linings, while not soft or environmentally friendly, are indeed one of the most used lining materials. The plastic inner lining has good stability, anti-extrusion, not easy to deform and low cost. When in use, it is often paired with silk, which has a very good gloss and can increase the texture of the entire gift box. The inner lining of different materials has different advantages. How to choose the appropriate inner lining material, I believe you have already made a preliminary judgment. In the process of transportation or handling, the lining can reduce the probability of product loss and improve the quality of packaging.

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