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How to choose the design style of cosmetic packaging box

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-16

Custom cosmetic packaging boxes don't have to be difficult decisions. With the help of some industry standards, it might be a lot easier than you think. A packaging design for a premium cosmetics brand should be unique and eye-catching enough, yet understated enough to maintain a high-end image. So do you know what style to choose in cosmetic packaging design?

Your packaging design should depend on your brand, and while there are many guidelines for cosmetic packaging to follow, there is no exact formula. Therefore, designers still have a lot of room for imagination when designing cosmetic packaging boxes.

In addition to considering the brand, you should also consider who are your target customers? Are your products aimed at young women or aunts? Only by determining the target customers can we better design cosmetic packaging boxes for them.

Finally, the production budget should also be considered when designing the packaging box. If the budget is too low, the visual effect and safety of the packaging box cannot be guaranteed. If the budget is too high, the overall cost of the product may be increased. Therefore, when designing packaging boxes, performance and budget should be balanced in order to create cosmetic packaging boxes that meet product needs.

Once the parameters related to target customers and packaging budget have been determined, it is time to start exploring the basic elements of packaging design. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution to designing cosmetic packaging, certain classic design trends tend to be more popular with customers, such as minimalist packaging design. In the luxury market, an understated look will often achieve better results than flashy design elements.

In addition to the visual effect, the tactile effect of the packaging box can also enhance the high-end quality of the packaging box. The packaging tactile problem can be solved from the material selection and process of the packaging box. In terms of material selection, tactile paper and art paper have much better tactile effects than ordinary packaging paper. In terms of technology, embossing technology, embossing technology, and film coating technology can all improve the tactile effect of the packaging box.

When designing high-end packaging for cosmetic packaging, understated packaging elements may resonate more easily with potential customers. Therefore, when a brand chooses a design style, it should choose a classic design trend that can stand the test of time.

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