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How to choose environmental protection kraft paper bag customization?

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-01

In this society full of environmental protection topics, environmental protection bags have become our daily necessities. But how much do we know about the customization of reusable bags? Let's take a look at the small encyclopedia of environmental protection bag customization. Let us better choose the materials and styles suitable for us in the future customization of environmentally friendly kraft paper bags.

The so-called environmentally friendly bags that everyone uses are roughly divided into the following categories:

1. Non-woven bag (it can be called environmental protection only when it is reused and recycled)

2. Canvas bag (no pollution to the environment)

3. Cotton bag (same characteristics as canvas bag)

4. Flannel bag (mostly rayon-cotton polyester, the same as the fabric on the clothes)

5. Polyester cloth vest bag (polyester cloth, like the cloth of our common umbrella, and the lining of clothing, because the environmental protection bag made of this kind of cloth is usually vest type, so it is called vest bag)

6. Other environmentally friendly fabric bags (the properties of linen and canvas are different)

Customized materials for environmental protection kraft paper bags: environmental protection bags are either pure cotton or non-woven, and environmental protection depends on whether these materials can be degraded. Among them, the national standard environmentally friendly processing material is polyethylene, because its degradation ability is better than other materials.

Customized styles of eco-friendly kraft paper bags: classified by shape: three-dimensional eco-friendly bags, flat eco-friendly bags (common eco-friendly bags without thickness), bottom organ eco-friendly bags (that is, eco-friendly bags with thickness at the bottom and no thickness at the surface), Laminated (covered) non-woven bag, vest bag, folding bag (purse bag), rope bag, hand rope bag

Classified by pattern: solid color (plain color) eco-friendly bag, color eco-friendly bag, heat transfer eco-friendly bag, offset eco-friendly bag, embroidered eco-friendly bag, silk-screen eco-friendly bag

Sort by size: standard size reusable bag, mini reusable bag, extra large reusable bag,

According to special requirements: Customized environmental protection bags, thermal insulation environmental protection bags, silver surface environmental protection bags, environmental protection shopping bags.

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