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How to choose a manufacturer for paper bag making?

by:Jialan Package     2021-03-19

With the development of the times, the characteristics of the new era of commodities have turned to require commodity packaging not only to have pure protection and full-bearing functions; to a large extent, it also requires packaging to have marketing commercial value. The degree of realization is an important criterion for measuring the success or failure of packaging design. So how should you choose a manufacturer to add value to the company's products and achieve the commercial purpose of marketing when making paper bags? The answer is to choose a professional custom manufacturer of paper bags. So how to judge and how to choose? The editor will tell you in detail.

1. Paper bags should be made with a good reputation.

The professional paper bag making and printing factory has a good reputation. Good reputation means good quality and good service. Of course, the price must be reasonable. It is the chairman unit of Guangdong Printing and Packaging Enterprise Federation and has a good reputation in the industry.

2. Paper bag making can be selected according to the printing scale of the packaging box required by oneself when choosing a printing plant.

If the company itself needs more packaging and quantity, it is best to choose a larger-scale and more advanced production technology for packaging paper bag making and printing. If the number of production is small, there will be relatively fewer restrictions when choosing, and both large and small printing plants can meet the needs of enterprises.

3. The production of paper bags depends on the manufacturer's shipping cycle.

This determines whether the supply of packaging materials can be guaranteed when the quantity is large in the later period. With multiple mechanized production lines, the products are straight, clean and standardized, and can be shipped on time!

4. Paper bag making should be selected according to the quality of the product.

When choosing a printing plant, many companies will choose a printing plant with a relatively low price. In fact, when choosing a printing plant, the price should not be a single factor of choice, but should be selected based on the quality of the products produced by the printing plant. For example, the price of product printing is relatively high compared to some low-priced companies. That is because it says that the printing equipment, printing ink, and printed paper are all very good, and high-quality materials (including foreign Carton), has passed many international certifications such as TUV/SGS/BV/WCA Rheinland! But compared to printing manufacturers of the same quality, its price is very favorable, so this comparison chooses this paper bag printing factory It is a good choice.

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