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How to choose a customized mooncake box manufacturer?

by:Jialan Package     2022-02-27
The selected manufacturer of mooncake box customization generally needs to consider the following information. Only if you have a preliminary grasp of this information, then customizing the mooncake box in the later stage will save a lot of time and energy.
1. To choose a custom manufacturer of moon cake boxes, it is generally necessary to have formal company certification, have food environmental protection and engineering scale, ensure a good management system, and ensure quality and quantity delivery.
2. Choose a moon cake box custom manufacturer with many years of experience, and it is a good choice for companies who have cooperated with large enterprises.
3. Choose a packaging box manufacturer that integrates Ru0026D, design and production. There is no need to go through multiple complicated links, the two parties are convenient to mediate, the work efficiency is high, and the delivery time is faster.
4. The after-sales service after the customized moon cake box is very important. If the selected manufacturer's goods are damaged or have quality problems during transportation, they will be returned and exchanged unconditionally! There is good after-sales service to solve customers' worries in a timely manner.
5. According to the above four points, I believe that everyone has clearly known that moon cake box customization should choose a manufacturer that integrates design, Ru0026D and production, has many years of experience in the packaging box customization industry, and has established long-term cooperative relations with brand companies. factory.
Hangzhou Hengtai Factory is a moon cake box customization manufacturer with many years of production experience. It designs and produces various types of moon cake boxes. It has been customized for a long time. Friends who need to customize moon cake boxes are welcome to consult our factory.
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