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How to calculate the price of kraft paper bags

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-17

Generally, customers who make kraft paper bags are very concerned about the price. Indeed, it is natural to spend money to do good things. High-end gift boxes have a certain production process. If customers need gift box design, they can be assured of handing over to professional designers. If a certain amount is reached, free design solutions can be provided for customers to choose.

Secondly, according to the material of the kraft paper bag, the paper material accounts for two-thirds of the overall price, and there are many choices of paper, 2.0 gray board and 3.0 gray board are both high-quality materials, and the price of ordinary cardboard is relatively lower. Different paper textures are also very different.

Finally, according to the process of making kraft paper bags, generally there are die-cutting, hot stamping and hot silver, UV, frosting, glossy film and sub-film, etc. Different processes have different prices, or choose several processes , the calculation of the price is more careful.

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