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How to Boost Product Sales with Gift Boxes

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-14

Have you ever bought a product because you liked the packaging design? According to the survey, 90% of consumers said that when purchasing, the visual factors in the gift box design determine whether they will pick up the product and understand its product information . That is to say, only when potential users are visually attracted can there be a chance to promote product sales.

First of all, we need to know how to define an excellent gift packaging design?

Whether you are ready to design a box for a new product or update an existing one. We need to ensure that when the product is placed on the shelf, the gift box not only attracts the attention of potential customers, but also conveys the information of the product to the user, acting as a salesperson.

The purpose of all excellent gift boxes is to better serve customers. Consumers should always be the first priority in the design and production of gift boxes. During the design process, we also need to consider:

Buyer personas—who are your target users? What are their preferences and characteristics?

Government requirements—environmental policy and requirements for box void ratio, number of layers, cost, etc.

Competition - How does the product stand out from the competition?

Packaging process selection - printing, hot stamping, embossing, lamination, etc.

Languages ​​- How many languages ​​do I need to print in the box?

Marketing—Is there marketing content such as social accounts, URLs, and advertising campaigns added to the box?

If your current product packaging provider doesn't design or produce product packaging with these perspectives in mind, it could be facing a serious disconnect with its target audience.

Secondly, when we understand some factors that excellent gift packaging boxes need to possess and consider, we can customize more targeted product packaging boxes. Before starting the design, we can combine the above issues to determine the content that needs to be displayed in the packaging box. After sorting and designing, we can finally display the information clearly.

The gift box can convey many important information of the brand and the product to potential users. Therefore, after the design stage of the gift box is completed, the selection of the box supplier is also very important. Cooperating with professional packaging box manufacturers can provide a higher level of comprehensive and better services, which is very important for brand development and product sales.

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