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How to avoid the moisture phenomenon of the [packaging box]?

by:Jialan Package     2022-02-28
With the continuous development of the times, some items in the packaging box need to be stored in refrigerated packaging. When they are brought out of the frozen environment, the surface of the packaging box will inevitably condense. At this time, you need to understand some moisture-proof measures for the packaging box. Next, Hangzhou The packaging box manufacturer will analyze for you, how to do a good job in product packaging. First, it is in the warehouse or factory where the packaging box is stored, and its sealing must be good. Long-term storage is easy to get wet.
2. The packing box should be placed with a gap from the ground. The user can use wooden planks to raise it, and there should be a certain space for ventilation below, so as to avoid the influence of the moisture on the ground.
3. The user can also choose a dehumidifier and place it in the warehouse or workshop where the packaging box is stored, so that the packaging box can be prevented from being damp to the greatest extent.
In short, for the aesthetics of the product packaging, it is necessary to take moisture-proof measures for the packaging box. As a manufacturer of packaging boxes, we need to pay attention to this.

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