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How to avoid the fluffing of the rope in the customization of the paper bag

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-23
For custom ropes like ribbed belts, there is not much fluffing, because the Rowan belts are machine-woven, with high density and tight weaving. When the machine fails, because the heat of the cutting edge does not reach the melting point, fluff will appear in the place where the cutting edge of the paper bag rope is not blocked. The solution is to lightly burn the entire rope from top to bottom with a flame on the edge of the paper bag rope. Due to the heat reaction, all the fluffed ribbons will shrink to the edge to form a protective line, so that the fluffing phenomenon can be solved. The best way to avoid it is to strictly control the quality of the rope of the paper bag when customizing the rope.

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