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How to avoid excessive packaging of cosmetic gift boxes

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-13

Many merchants know the importance of a sturdy, high-quality cosmetic gift box when displaying their products. A well-tailored box can add extra appeal to a product. Marketers also don't miss the opportunity to use the box as a tool to increase brand awareness. However, many merchants are often considered to be overpacked when they customize the box. So, what is an overpacking box? How can we avoid overpackaging?

Excessive packaging is a waste, and all packaging waste can be considered as excessive packaging. If we want to avoid excessive packaging when customizing cosmetic packaging boxes, then we should first understand what excessive packaging is. The most common excessive packaging is: waste of packaging materials, excessive weight, excessive volume, high cost, ornate design and so on.

In the production of cosmetic packaging boxes, the loss of materials is inevitable. However, some overly complicated packaging designs will greatly increase the difficulty of gift box customization, and the loss during the production process is usually more than that of ordinary packaging. Therefore, when designing the structure of cosmetic packaging boxes, its feasibility and estimated possible material loss should also be considered.

The weight of the packaging box is too heavy and the volume is too large, which is also a kind of excessive packaging. Because, if the packaging box is too heavy and too large, it will inevitably increase its material cost. In addition, it will also increase its transportation costs and storage costs.

Secondly, the cost of the packaging box depends on the cost of cosmetics. If an ordinary eyebrow pencil that sells for tens of dollars costs more than a dozen dollars or more in its packaging cost, it is very obvious that this is excessive packaging. Because the cost of the packaging box is too high, the brand puts most of the cost into the packaging design and production.

As mentioned earlier, cosmetic packaging with an overly complex structural design will cause excessive packaging. In fact, unreasonable graphic design can also cause excessive packaging. This is mainly due to the chosen packaging process, the most common and the most affordable is printing, or in addition to printing, use bronzing, embossing and other processes on the Logo. If too many packaging processes are added to the cosmetic packaging box, more packaging costs will only be wasted.

Although a high-quality cosmetic gift box can bring very good sales to the product, at the same time we must avoid excessive packaging. In fact, some simple packaging designs can also attract the attention of potential users.

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