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How to avoid burst lines when making kraft paper bags? !

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-20

In addition to the printing of gift boxes, another important aspect of paper bag manufacturers is the storage problem. During the storage process, there is a serious problem that the carton bursts. This is It will affect the factors that affect the appearance of paper bags. Once this happens, the hardcover box will basically lose its original value, and the conditions for this problem to occur in different materials of paper are also different, such as kraft paper packaging. Boxes and linerboards made of recycled fibers are all different. Today, let’s learn about the treatment methods and causes of these bursts.

Through the long-term use of custom-made kraft paper packaging, we know that if the dry season is like the end of October to the end of January in the south, the dry climate is relatively permanent, even if it is the best foldable kraft paper packaging custom-made paper Box, if the moisture content is less than 6%, it is easy to appear the phenomenon of bursting. From the analysis of the situation of making bursting of paper bags made of kraft paper packaging, we know that the moisture content is actually within a certain proportion. It can protect the stability of the paper, and there will be no bursting, so how to prevent and solve the bursting of the carton made of kraft paper packaging?

It is found that it is not particularly difficult to solve the problem of wire burst It will be between 8% and 10%. If the moisture content of the paper is lower than this peak when it comes out, the line bursting situation described above will occur, so the kraft paper packaging is customized in that dry climate. It is basically normal to use a humidifier in the base paper warehouse, and the humidity should be kept in the range of 65-75%RH.

The above is the formation and treatment of the common burst phenomenon when using kraft paper packaging to make boxes

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