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How to attract target customers through health product packaging boxes

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-14

When designing a health product packaging box, the attractiveness of the box is one of the key considerations. If the product doesn't stand out from the shelf, then, it won't catch the attention of potential customers, and you'll miss out on a sale. How can we make the packaging box of health care products attract target customers?

Supplements don't fall into an easily identifiable category. Moreover, the target audience of health care products is very broad, and the efficacy and applicable groups of health care products should be marked on the package. This not only allows customers to accurately find the products they need, but also leaves a good impression on them.

When health products are placed on the shelves, the products are constantly promoting themselves. Therefore, the brand side needs to focus on investigating the age, gender and occupation of the target audience, so as to design more targeted health care product packaging. In addition, the detailed information of the product and the brand should also be displayed in the packaging box, so that customers can buy the product with peace of mind.

The quality of the health care product packaging box should match the price of the product. If you are selling high-end health care products, then the high-end gift box can improve the perceived value of the product. At the same time, it is also convenient for customers to distinguish between different grades of products and make accurate purchases. products you need.

In addition to graphic design to attract customers' attention and convey product information, the selection of materials and craftsmanship of health care product packaging boxes can affect customers' perceptions of products. For example: embossed paper and embossing technology can improve the three-dimensional effect of the packaging box; pearlescent paper and bronzing technology can improve the glossiness of the packaging box surface. These can effectively improve the artistic sense of the packaging box and affect the customer's perceived value of the product.

It is not easy to customize health care product packaging boxes that can accurately attract target customers. You need to conduct proper research and investigation on the market. Working with an experienced box manufacturer can effectively help improve the consistency of the box so that it can better differentiate itself from competitors in the retail market.

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