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How to attract customers' attention to wine packaging boxes

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-07

Liquid beverages like red wine need packaging to convey the high-end characteristics of the product. When customizing high-end packaging boxes, many brands focus on the visual effects of the packaging box. Although this is a very good way, as customers' demand for packaging is getting higher and higher, we can still use the following methods: A way to grab the attention of potential users.

choose the right material

Packaging cartons are one of the most popular and cost-effective material choices now. However, consumers are increasingly demanding eco-friendly product options, and packaging cartons offer brands a good opportunity to showcase their products' eco-friendliness. Our commonly used paper products are produced by pulping wood such as coniferous wood (spruce, red pine, masson pine, larch, etc.), hardwood (birch, poplar, etc.). Although trees are renewable resources, their growth cycle is relatively slow. In addition to coniferous wood, many grasses (bamboo, bagasse, reed, etc.), bast plants (jute, flax, flax, mulberry, etc.), compared with coniferous wood, the growth cycle of grasses and bast plants is shorter much. In addition to using plants to produce paper, it is also possible to pulp paper from recycled waste paper.

Correct use of wine labels

Red wine is different from other products. The role of red wine packaging boxes is usually used to protect the product from damage and attract the attention of potential users. As for the information about red wine, most of them are displayed on the label. Labels also play a central role in the sale of a product, helping to provide the user with all the information about the product when buying wine. Red wine as a collection should also consider whether it can stand the test of time when choosing label materials.

Unboxing experience

When you're excited about creating a memorable label design, don't overlook the unboxing experience. Innovative label design and well-chosen packaging materials can motivate potential customers to try your drink, but it’s worth noting that the unboxing experience of a wine box can improve brand awareness in the minds of customers.

Helping create the right atmosphere is very important for wine lovers. Think about the emotional response you want customers to have when they open a case of wine, and design accordingly.

Brands can customize wine packaging in a variety of ways. Only the multiple elements of the box working together can make consumers resonate with the brand and make them remember your brand.

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