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How to apply marketing 4P theory to high-end packaging boxes

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-07

The advertising industry has been using packaging boxes to enhance the attractiveness of products for many years. When we are marketing products, we need to consider the marketing 4P theory, namely product (product), price (price), channel (place), promotion (promotion). In fact, when we customize the packaging box for the product, we can also refer to the 4P principle of marketing.


The premise of packaging box design is to understand what your product is? And what special needs does your product have for packaging? Depending on the type of product, its needs will vary. For example: fragile porcelain and expensive jewelry need to pay special attention to the protection of the packaging box when customizing the packaging box. As for food packaging boxes, it should be considered whether it is safe and hygienic during production, and whether the packaging box has the function of blocking air.


When determining the cost of the box, we need to consider the selling price of the product. Customers can perceive the value of the product through the packaging box. For high-end products with high prices, if the packaging box is made too cheap, it will reduce the customer's perceived value of the product, so that the product is not high-end enough. On the contrary, if the packaging box of cheap products is customized too high-end, potential customers will think that the brand has spent all its energy on product development on the packaging box, and secondly, it has to bear the cost of high-end packaging boxes.

channel (place)

Are your products mainly sold in physical stores or online? The focus of product marketing on different sales channels will be different. When customers shop in a physical store, they mainly pay attention to the product through the external attractiveness of the packaging box, and secondly, they will choose the appropriate product through the product information in the packaging box. For products sold in online stores, special attention should be paid to the protective performance of the packaging box to avoid damage caused by improper packaging during transportation.


For promotional products, the product discounts should be clearly marked in the packaging box, so that customers' desire to buy can be increased through promotional activities. If the product is promoted as a combination of multiple products, we can add lining to the packaging box according to the needs, so that not only can the products be arranged neatly, but also the damage caused by the collision of the products can be avoided.

The 4P theory of marketing can not only be used for product and brand promotion, it is also applicable to the customization of high-end packaging boxes. On the premise of meeting the product demand, the brand side can also market the product through the packaging box.

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