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How those creative cosmetic packaging boxes attract users' attention

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-06

For skin care brands, the most important step in building customer trust is to firmly control the quality of products. Because skin care products are products that come into direct contact with our skin, customers cannot allow the slightest mistake. Just as important as having quality skin care products is the premium packaging. Considering that the box is the first brand element that customers interact with, the quality of the box must match the quality of the product. After all, if your skincare box doesn’t impress customers, there’s a good chance customers won’t pay too much attention to your products.

When it comes to cosmetic packaging, consider how your brand story and values ​​can be displayed through the packaging. In order to design a cosmetic packaging box that is more suitable for the brand, we can find inspiration from the following skin care product packaging boxes.

Twiggie& Rose

Twiggie& Rose is a natural, organic skin care brand. The retro color matching and exquisite logo are printed on clean white paper. You can know that this is a feminine brand from the appearance of the packaging box. Unlike ordinary folding cardboard boxes, Twiggie& Rose Cosmetic packaging box is usually used for opening and closing the traditional file bag, which is usually wrapped around a rope. Combined with the hot stamping process, the cosmetic packaging box is more delicate and beautiful.


Through the Skinsmiths cosmetic packaging box, it can be seen that their brand pays great attention to the details of the product. The colors printed on the packaging box represent customers with different skin types. Their logo uses a black bold font, which is better balanced with the soft and simple product description text.

Henua Organics

Henua Organics is a niche cosmetics brand in Finland that focuses on natural and sustainable products. The company has also applied this brand concept to its cosmetics packaging box. The overall style of the packaging box is mainly Nordic minimalist style, with a simple black and white matching color scheme, and a frosted glass inner packaging, aiming to create exquisite cosmetics for users. Premium texture.

Wildsmith Skin

Wildsmith Skin packs produce natural, sustainable skin care products by using plant-derived bioactive ingredients, botanicals and minerals. Wildsmith Skin uses sturdy greyboard-lined round boxes to store and protect their products, with no eye-catching touches added to the boxes other than basic printing. The black text printing and white packaging paper can not only highlight the text information in the cosmetic packaging box, but also show the brand's concept of environmental protection.

Most potential customers perceive the quality and value of products based on cosmetic packaging boxes. Therefore, high-quality cosmetic packaging is an important part of attracting user attention and building user trust.

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