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How the gift box industry continues to expand

by:Jialan Package     2022-01-31

Gift packaging box_The leader of the gift packaging box industry in the manufacturing industry continues to expand. After the off-season, the subsistence paper market needs to be reduced. Beijing packaging companies have widely reported that the shipment rate has slowed down. This week, the price of wood pulp-based paper for living in Hebei and Shandong continued to rise, while the price of paper in the rest of the country remained stable. Since the fourth quarter of last year, the price of wood pulp has been operating at a low level, and it is expected that the leading enterprises of living paper with extensive inventory for more than 6 months will be able to benefit. Give to the living paper industry; buy; rating, according to the industry brand channel to grasp the ability, we recommend companies Hengan domestic and Vinda domestic in turn. The real estate market; price for volume; the furniture industry belief has risen.

New real estate loans in the first quarter of this year were cut by more than 50% compared with the same period last year, but social security housing received strong credit support, and at the same time, the prices of mid-to-high-end projects were depreciated early, and it is estimated that the transaction volume will be certain Promotion, the furniture industry group belief has been restored. Because the customized furniture industry is mainly facing the people who are married and decorated, personalized customization is suitable for the consumption level of young people, and its performance will be better than that of the group furniture industry. The gift box gives Sophia the only standard in the custom wardrobe industry; Buy; Rating.

The textile industry needs a slight increase, and the trend of melting pulp has not yet come. Although the price of ablating pulp-related products has fallen slightly, the transaction volume is still normal. The price of tea packaging and cotton stabilized, and the price of viscose staple fiber and cotton pulp retreated slightly, reflecting the rising demand of the textile industry, but the overall demand was still abundant. In view of the fact that the investment opportunity of melting pulp theme has not yet arrived, we do not recommend the relative open-listed companies for the time being.

Gift Packaging Box_The leader of the gift packaging box industry in the manufacturing industry continues to expand, and the sales growth rate of domestic consumables remains at a high level. The packaging industry relies on despicable needs to steadily expand after the Spring Festival. The growth rate of sales in the daily chemical products and food and beverage industries has slowed down, but it is still at an all-time high. After comprehensive consideration of the stock price in the later stage, we recommend Tongchan Lixing, Hexing Packaging and Yongxin shares one by one.

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