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How the bubbles that affect the beauty of gift boxes are formed

by:Jialan Package     2022-02-17

When the gift box is pasted, there are many small bubbles where the glue is pasted, which affects the beauty of the gift box. What are the factors that cause the bubbles to appear? Next, Hangzhou Hengtai Paper Products Co., Ltd. will take you to see it!

1. When the gift box is eroded by the adhesive, it will leave traces that are difficult to remove. Therefore, you can use self-adhesive methods to protect the parts that do not need to be adhered.

2. Excessive use of a small amount of adhesive will make the surface of the gift box not fully coated, or bring in air when the adhesive cures and shrinks, which will affect the appearance.

3. Grease, dust or air bubbles will hinder the uniform application of the adhesive and leave air bubbles, which can be removed by cleaning.

4. Direct blowing will make the edge of the sticky section white due to the rapid volatilization of the adhesive.

5. Before it is not fully cured, the gift box will be yellowed to varying degrees by direct sunlight for a long time, which will seriously affect the appearance.

6. Surface stress, surface stress and degradation products caused by cutting tools will affect the bonding effect of gift boxes.

7. Indoor humidity, temperature, etc. will have a direct impact on the bonding of gift boxes.

There are many factors that affect the beauty and usability of gift boxes. Generally, the factors that cause bubbles are the above. In order to prevent this kind of failure, everyone should take timely measures when making them. I hope the content introduced by Hangzhou Hengtai Paper Products Co., Ltd. will be helpful to you.

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