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How should kraft paper bag printing be done?

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-10

1. Common paper for kraft paper bag printing

1. Most of the paper used to make kraft paper bags is coated paper, which is 157 grams and 200 grams. In addition, white or yellow kraft paper is also more common, and 120 grams and 140 grams are used. . If the kraft paper bag needs to be loaded with heavier goods, 300 grams of coated paper or more than 300 grams of cardboard is recommended. If you want to increase the strength of strong kraft paper bags, you can consider laminating, combined with the design of kraft paper bags, covered with a layer of bright or matte film.

2. White kraft paper has strong toughness and is environmentally friendly. Recently, more and more customers choose this kind of paper to print on kraft paper bags.

3. The color expression of the coated paper is stronger, and the appearance is more colorful.

Two, paper bag design

The design of kraft paper bags should not only take into account the unique design style, exquisite color quality and other printing issues, but also be able to take into account the multiple use and environmental protection performance.

The design of corporate kraft paper bags should generally be simple and elegant. The front of the kraft paper bags is mainly based on the company's logo and company name, or with the company's business philosophy. Therefore, the design and printing of kraft paper bags has a great potential effect on expanding sales, establishing a famous brand, stimulating purchase desire and enhancing competitiveness.

Three, paper bag forming

After printing, laminating, then punching and threading (usually nylon rope or cotton rope is used, some thin paper bags are often used paper rope), and the kraft paper bag can be formed. In fact, the production process of kraft paper bags is not complicated, and the threading step needs to be done manually, so the cost of kraft paper bags is slightly higher than that of other printed materials.

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