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How much do you know about the types of paper rope handles made from environmentally friendly paper bags?

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-01

The paper rope handle is very popular among paper bag manufacturers and paper bag manufacturers because of its environmental protection, non-polluting, fashion and other characteristics. The breadth of demand has spawned a number of handle categories dedicated to the production of paper bags. At present, the types of paper rope handles for portable paper bags are: origami rope handle, paper rope handle, side-by-side rope, card-head paper rope (plastic paper rope), perforated rope, knotted paper rope. So what are the characteristics of each?

1. Paper bag making origami rope handle: Bend both ends of the rope at right angles and fix it on a single cardboard (sticker) as a handle.

2. Paper rope handle: Use single-strand or three-strand paper rope, the diameter is between 3mm-5mm, and the two ends of the paper rope are fixed in two tight cardboards (stickers). The common colors of paper rope handle (with cardboard) are primary color (both rope and cardboard are primary colors), white (both rope and cardboard are white), black rope white card, coffee color rope white card. You can choose the color of the hand rope according to the design color of the paper bag.

3. Rope side by side: It is characterized by a paper rope made of multiple strands of thin paper rope side by side, referred to as row rope. The company often has 6-15 strands of rope. Each single-strand paper rope is the same size, made of exquisite kraft paper rope and the best domestic glue. The product has strong tensile force, strong density, good viscosity and no degumming. Standard colors are primary color, white and black. The common colors of multi-strand rope are primary color, white, black, coffee color, and the common specifications are 6-strand rope and 10-strand rope. Merchants can choose according to their own needs.

4. Card-headed paper rope: put barb rubber buckles on both ends of the paper rope, and directly pass through the hole of the environmental protection bag as a handle. The length is between 33cm-100cm, with white, black and brown rubber buttons. It is a commonly used paper rope for making various paper bags.

5. Punching the rope: The rope is made of imported kraft paper. The paper rope is the primary color of 1mm and 10 strands. Cut the rope into the length you need, then punch holes on both ends of the rope, and use the button to fasten the rope. The cord locks onto the eco bag and acts as a premium handle.

6. Knotted paper rope: The imported cowhide is used to make a single-strand paper rope, and then cut into the length you need. The paper rope is directly perforated and knotted in the paper bag production, and it becomes a handle, which is specially used for paper bag production.

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