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How much do you know about the names of paper materials for making paper bags?

by:Jialan Package     2021-03-16

The day before yesterday, I received an inquiry from a customer asking if we can make double-powder paper with paper bags. I replied to him, of course there is no problem. When we used double-powder paper to sample the products that the customer wanted to produce. He was very confused and asked us, how is the material smooth? How is the coated paper? This question turned me down, and he also showed me the chat pictures, which should be clear to me. Make a mistake. But I explain to him. Isn't double powder double copper? Powder paper is coated paper, single powder is single copper, and double powder is double copper. At this time, the customer didn't say anything! On the paper material, the same paper has different names. Here are a few examples

One that is often confused is coated paper. In addition to the above, some people call him pink paper, but also white cardboard. Called pink paper comes from the English translation, the English-Chinese translation is glossy art paper, and the Chinese choose to use powder, because we often apply a layer of powder when we dress our faces. Applying a bright layer on rough paper can naturally also be described as powder. So Hong Kong often refers to coated paper as powdered paper. The mainland uses copper to describe the mirror-effect paper. If it is a single-sided coating layer, it is called single copper. If it is coated on both sides, it is called double copper. What about the white card? The white card corresponds to a single copper. This one comes from the popular name. For non-professionals, they do not understand the professional terminology of paper, and often name it according to the characteristics of the product. White cardboard is called white cardboard.

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