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How many modes are there in the customized modeling of kraft paper bags?

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-07

Although our common kraft paper bag customization in the market is changeable in style and shape, in fact, there are only a few real fixed box types of kraft paper bags. Do you know what the common box types of kraft paper bags are? ? Today, Yingmei has sorted out the previous kraft paper bags, let's follow Yingmei Xiaobian to understand the various concave shapes of the kraft paper bags.

Common box types

Round box. As the name suggests, the round box is generally used for wedding candy boxes, moon cake boxes, tea boxes, and candy boxes, etc. However, it is generally more troublesome to make this kind of box, because it is all made by machine, so it is like this. The box price is relatively high.

Square Box. Generally, our common square boxes include square boxes, rectangular boxes, portable square boxes, and book-shaped square boxes. These kraft paper bags are widely used, and the production cost is relatively cheap. The production is also very beautiful, so it is very popular with customers. Consumers favor.

Cone Box. Such kraft paper bags are generally rare in the market. Because it is complicated to make and not enough to use, it is generally used for wedding candy boxes.

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