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How is the production of colored paper bags made and the problem solved?

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-17

The production of paper bags made of colored paper bags For consumers, a brilliant product can be seen from the bond between the outer packaging and the products inside. Whether the business is consumer-centric and respects consumers, then how about Can your paper bag making service make consumers feel respected? Many paper bag manufacturers and carton manufacturers know that color is one of the most powerful senses of human beings. When consumers first come into contact with the production of commodity paper bags, their eyes must first notice and then touch, etc. The first thing that attracts consumers' vision is color, and the production of colored paper bags is especially popular. So what is the current production of colored paper bags in our country?

Junye Packaging will take you through the mystery of it. At present, most of the color paper bags in mainland China are used in the production of color boxes: 1. First, the surface paper selected for the production of color paper bags is printed and printed, and then Just make the printed facial paper lamination or glazing for the colored paper bags, and finally the workers manually lamination or use machines and equipment to automatically fit the corrugated to make a prototype; Printed on plastic film, then covered on white cardboard, and finally mounted to see the prototype. These two processes, no matter which process the color paper bag maker chooses to make the color box, its bearing pressure and compressive strength will be weaker than the general watermarked carton of the same material. In the bad weather of light rain, his quality will definitely be relatively discounted. This crux has always been the criticism of the production of colored paper bags, so how to resolve the production of colored paper bags?

It is well known in the packaging industry: the general process of producing carton by cardboard line is to apply glue first, then heat for instant bonding, and then dry to see the young; but the color box color box cardboard made of laminated color paper bags needs After heating and drying, the moisture in the glue penetrates into the paper, plus the separation between the varnish on the colored surface made of the colored paper bag and the plastic film, the moisture in the box blank cannot be directly volatilized, so it becomes softened and reduced. strength. Therefore, according to the above defect principle, the production of colored paper bags has been proved through continuous experiments that it is appropriate to reduce the square gram weight of the inner paper and increase the square gram weight of the corrugated paper and the core paper, whether it is a cost saving or a quality advantage. Significant inside paper is much better.

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