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How is the price of kraft paper bag packaging manufacturers calculated?

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-12

In the current market, no matter what industry it is, it is closely related to packaging. As a packaging manufacturer specializing in the production of kraft paper bags, it will often attract packaging customers from all walks of life to come to inquire about the price. Manufacturers who don't know much about the packaging industry ask the most about the price of the packaging box. First of all, the price of the packaging box can be calculated from many aspects, such as the material, size, quantity, and craftsmanship of the product. Etc. is an important factor in determining the price!

Many customers directly ask what the price is when they come up. In fact, the price calculated in this way is not very accurate. Only by understanding the size, quantity and other issues can a more accurate price be calculated. Some customers choose the same The material, but the process requirements are more, the price will also increase to a certain extent, and the number of customizations also has a relatively large impact on the price. Now many kraft paper bag packaging manufacturers have stipulated the minimum order. quantity!

In the production process of our current packaging boxes, the packaging boxes made of coated paper, kraft paper, art paper, special paper and other materials are also relatively high-grade, and the strength of art paper is the highest in all packaging. The highest, so the packaging box of this material is relatively more expensive, and the price calculated by different materials is also the same, because the price of some materials is relatively expensive, which is why I The reason why the price of the same box is not the same!

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