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How Electronics Packaging Boxes Affect Sales Performance

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-08

When two earphones are sold on the shelf at the same time, one is packaged in an ordinary square box, while the other is packaged in an exquisite and embossed three-dimensional box, which product do you want to know more about? Even if you’re selling headphones of higher quality than your competitors, if they don’t look as attractive as your competitor’s products, potential customers will give preference to products with attractive packaging. Competition in the retail industry has always been fierce. Many businesses are always looking for new strategies and techniques to boost product sales. However, a very important area has been overlooked, which is to influence sales performance through electronic product packaging design.

Starting from preparing to customize the packaging box, we can study the product packaging of well-known brands in the industry. Generally speaking, we can find inspiration from electronic product packaging boxes of well-known brands, but remember not to imitate. Imitating a competitor's box not only confuses customers about your product, but can also reduce your brand's reputation in the industry. So the best way is to understand the advantages of its packaging box and the packaging elements that can attract users, etc. For example: whether the bronzing and embossing techniques used by competitors can improve product value, etc.

In addition to the attractiveness of electronic product packaging boxes, a brand element that can be remembered by all users is also very important, that is, the brand logo. However, with the change of user aesthetics, the popular Logo decades ago does not necessarily conform to its current aesthetics. The brand logo in the packaging box of electronic products also needs to be updated as time changes, but the premise needs to be easy for users to identify, otherwise the previous brand marketing of the brand will be in vain. Xiaomi is a very good example.

It has been a year and a half since Xiaomi changed its logo for the first time. The new logo was designed by Kenya Hara, a national treasure design master in Japan. It took millions of dollars to design the new logo for three years. As soon as the new logo was released, many netizens on the Internet argued endlessly about it. Many netizens thought that the new version of the logo was just changed from the original straight corners to pure rounded corners. First of all, as far as the brand is concerned, the advent of the new Logo has brought a lot of topicality to the Xiaomi brand and played a role in marketing the brand. Secondly, exaggerated changes will only be counterproductive to brand recognition. Fine-tuning under the premise of maintaining brand recognition is the best choice. At the same time, it is also a respect for Xiaomi's brand culture.

Electronic product packaging boxes have always been an important element that affects product sales. In addition to attracting users' attention and packaging design that is easy for users to remember, choosing a professional packaging box manufacturer can also optimize the packaging box to the greatest extent.

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